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Thursday, June 7, 2007

I had a day at home with Oliver this week, due to another bout of conjunctivitis/pinkeye. He was fine, except for the gunk in his eye – which means we can’t ditch him at daycare like normal! So I spent an exhausting day entertaining him, therefore reinforcing my belief that working in public policy and program management is a hell of a lot easier than looking after a toddler. For some reason, he insisted on wearing his raincoat and a winter hat at one point. I still don’t know if he’s learned to play dress up, or if he was just cold…

This past week has seen some not so nice firsts – first episodes of parents’ being covered in child’s blood. Earlier in the week a face plant on some floor tiles was his first bloody nose. Last night was even worse – he leaned forward in my lap as we were looking at a book, he put his weight on the book, the book fell to the floor, and his face smashed in to the coffee table. Teeth marks in table, teeth (I think) came through part of lip to meet table. Blood everywhere. Poor kid. Fat lip today.

Mark’s mum and step-dad are about to touch down at Pearson for a long visit, and Oliver is going to be able get reaquinted with his other grandma, which is good. I’m not necessarily looking forward to road trips to Niagara Falls and Ottawa, though, as he’s super grumpy in his car seat these days. And hates his pushchair. I am really tempted to get a leash.

On the bump front, Wednesday was the big scan. There’s a conspiracy, you know, that I should not be allowed to know what sort of child I am having. For Oliver, it was impossible as both hospitals I received care at had a policy of not letting parents know. (Okay, I could have paid for a 3d scan, but I don’t really know why I didn’t). This time, I fully expected to find out on Wednesday. Except the clinic has a policy of not telling you in person, but instead putting it in a report to your obsetrician. They told me the report should reach her office in a couple of days. I called just now – office is closed. Figures. I have to go back for a follow up in 2 weeks, as they couldn’t get good enough heart definition – exactly what happened last time with Oliver.

The good thing about the clinic? A free CD with copies of scans for you to keep. So here is the unknown number 2:

ps – the ticker says it’s only 20 more weeks till I can have a nice strong margarita. In my desperation for yummy drinks and feeling totally bummed to have another summer without really enjoying frozen goodness, I have taken to ordering expensive virgin cocktails and purchasing 0.5% alcohol coolers from the grocery store – sad but true…