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Friday, January 12, 2007

It’s like the calm before the storm (though actually we’ve had a taste of the storm this week). It’s the last weekday morning I can get away with sleeping in, sitting here at 11am in my pajamas, and drinking coffee. I keep forgetting that I have to go in to work on Monday and that I won’t be around for things that happen during the week. I found out a little bit more about what times we (meaning the staff) are meant to be there, and after discussions with Mark about arrangements, I am hoping to be able to do 8-4. Which is going to kill me in the mornings but at least I can blow dry my hair without chasing Oliver around, and I can hopefully be home around 5:40 or at least by 6 and spend at least an hour with him in the evenings.

Mark doesn’t have a job yet but it’s still going in that direction, for the one specific job this guy at this big company wants him to do. He’s passed the first stage of interviewing and is expected to do an assessment in the next week or two. And the new boss touched base yesterday from out of the country as he really needs him to start working for him asap. We’ve both been fortunate to actually find parts of our potential working world who are just desperate for staff with our backgrounds, so that’s a nice thing.

Oliver has started at daycare part time this week; he’s there now. We did end up going with the first place we had visited that we liked, particularly after we visited another place where the woman was completely looney. There was no way in hell we were leaving him there, and many things even about her house directed us towards our first choice. He’ll do his first full day there next Friday.

After last weekend, when we didn’t end up buying another house we considered, and we knew we were going to be here for at least a couple of months longer, I signed up at the very last minute to take Oliver to swimming lessons and for me to go to Aquafit. On the same night. Which sounded like a good idea at the time. Tuesday was completely insane. It didn’t really help that the roads iced up that night. We did make it to swim class on time, which I have to say I wasn’t that impressed with. This little girl (basically – she looks 12) is teaching the class, and there’s 5 other babies and most of them are actually really little babies so I think we waited too long on this. And I didn’t do anything with him in the water that we hadn’t already done taking him to the pool ourselves.

Aquafit was good, once I past the major hurdle of changing both Oliver and myself out of wet pool stuff, taking us home, driving me back again, and getting back into wet pool stuff. Fun. It turns out it’s not just fooling around in the water! I am just not sure actually if this was a good idea with the impending doom of next week. Oliver now has to go to bed at 7pm because he has to get up at roughly 6am to be at daycare for 7am, and his swimming class isn’t till 6:30pm. And I am going to be completely knackered all around.