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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

I just realised that’s it’s my one year anniversary of being back in Canada. The funny part about being back for a full year is that I still go to spell ‘realised’ with an S instead of a Z. At work, I was constantly having to change my words to Canadian spellings. Thank god for spell check.

So a lot has happened in a year – I don’t really need to go over it, do I? We moved in to my parents’ basement, bought a couple of vehicles, found decent jobs, put Oliver in daycare, bought our own house and moved into it, and are just about to bring another kid into the mix. I think what I probably miss most about being in the UK was the sense of adventure that I had the whole time I lived there – sort of like I wasn’t really supposed to be there, slightly without a safety net or something. So I guess as long as we keep ourselves busy (without fail), I won’t have to worry about losing that sense of stress/fear/the unknown/excitement/whatever it was.

I’m having a pretty low key week compared to last week – less energy now, so a lot less organizing (Z!) and cleaning going on. But still feeling vaguely productive – cooking a lot more than normal, little jobs that needed doing are being accomplished.

Off to the doctor’s for 39 week check up. Pretty boring blood pressure and bump measurement stuff, I presume. Blah.