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Monday, September 3, 2007

Although it wasn’t my favourite holiday ever, or even close, I still feel very relaxed from doing almost NOTHING last week. And a holiday in your third trimester where you do almost nothing is a damn good thing.

The ‘resort’, as they call it, is really geared for families with children. Like 6-12 year olds would have an absolute blast, and families that like to do things together, and compete against other families, would be right into it. Needless to say we (Mark and I) did not participate in any of the adult or family activities really. We stuck to ourselves, went swimming a bunch of times, and didn’t go to any of the evening entertainment. I wasn’t going to get a babysitter to go and see some magician.

Oliver, however, had a blast. We used about 3-4 hours of the children’s program a day. I use the words ‘children’s program’ rather loosely – for the infants, this involved playing in a room full of toys or going out to the playground and pretty much nothing else. All of the promised activities and arts and crafts didn’t materialize. It didn’t matter – all Oliver wanted to do was stay in the playground. There were tantrums when we tried to pull him away for meal times. I vowed to take a load of photos of him last week as I had been remiss in doing it lately; find some of them here.

Our hotel room, in the old inn, was basically like a 1960’s trailer or derelict teeny cottage, about to fall down, with no updating. It was kind of weird and felt like it was about to fall off the roof (we think it was an extension). The food, however, was really good – actually, the dinners specifically were really good. Three courses served, excellent choices most nights. Really good pastry chef, too. I ate really well. Like really well. Like stuffed myself every night, which is a feat when I am this pregnant. Baby probably doubled in size and hopefully got some more brain cells from all that cake…err I mean vegetables.

We left on a Sunday and got back on a Sunday, which meant that we had a day on either side at home without any rushing around. That makes a big difference to going back to work. I need to remember that.

When we got home, a bunch of my family came to visit, as my grandparents were down from Ottawa. It was my grandmother’s birthday and we went out to dinner at a local greek place. The child was rather squirmy, but we managed it make it through the meal…