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Tuesday, May 22, 2007


• Mark attended a meeting in Brussels today about a project he’s working on. Except he attended it in our basement in his bathrobe, on teleconference. The craziest part is that it was from 2:30am to 10:00am. The BEST part was that he decided to yell into the phone at around 2:35am and woke me up. And I didn’t really fall back asleep but for some minor dozing. I am tired and cranky. Oh wait, is that different from usual?

• I just looked at pictures of the new Big Brother house and I got really nostalgic for the UK. I am going to miss a summer of Davina and Dermot and silly antics. Yes, I am a sad sad person. I will either end up spending a lot of time on the Channel 4 website, or realize that it’s just not that interesting when I don’t get to watch the nightly show and forget about it. You know, I just can’t really get into North American reality shows. For some reason, I have no desire to check out American Idol or The Bachelor or anything else. However, every decent show on television has recently, or is about to, have its season finale which means a long summer drought. And they are filling up schedules with pretty much only reality shows, so I might get sucked into one or two after all…

• I’ll be blogging about that other thing going on over here.

• We had a decent May 2-4 weekend of excessive shopping (excellent Homesense and Winners purchases; not so interesting Newmarket Farmer’s Market), visiting (my parents on Sunday for my dad’s birthday; Kitchener on Monday to see Grace and Jay and Cael and new baby Orla with Kristen), and sunshine.

• We are trying to prepare the house for our first long term visitors – Mark’s mum and stepdad on June 8th for 3 whole weeks. I am looking forward to the excuse to visit Niagara Falls and Ottawa (to stay with my grandparents).