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Friday, October 5, 2007

Thanksgiving this weekend (already?!) and it’s my first back in Canada for the last 5 years. And this year, it’s forecasted to feel like 30 degrees + all weekend. So insane. I like autumn. Where are you?

We’re hosting my parents, and I’m looking forward to full on roast turkey dinner meal. Except I think we’re only going to do a roast turkey breast. But whatever, I don’t eat the other bits anyway. I need to get my act together and find some good recipes to go alongside. I’ve got to go food shopping tonight.

I’m at work until next Friday, but last week I was really not feeling so hot all the time, and everyone was freaking out that I was not going to turn up due to labour commencing. So yesterday I got surprised with treats and a very generously loaded Winners gift card (I think I might spend it all on myself; forget the baby!) – in case I don’t make it in next week. But I’ve been feeling fine, too well probably, so I am sure I will be here.

I suppose you can call it ‘nesting’ but I’ve been pretty organized lately, making sure that Oliver’s old baby clothes and any newly purchased items under size 6 months are washed and placed in correspondingly labled containers marked by size (we haven’t got another chest of drawers so it’s Rubbermaid boxes – hey, makes it easy to keep stuff at hand). And at work, all papers are filed, all electronic items are on the shared drive – I could get hit by a bus and they’d be able to find everything they need.

Life is pretty quiet right now; the calm before the storm. I’ve managed to cook dinner a few times lately, which is heroic in my current condition. I’ve got hours and hours of PVR’d television to watch with all the new shows that have started, and all the returning ones (either 2 on at the same time, or me falling asleep around 10pm has led to the necessity of recording many of them). I still can’t get over the fact that little Zoe Slater is playing the Bionic Woman. The show isn’t that great but I just like to watch her anyway.

The men came back from England last Saturday and, after only one very rough night of jetlaggedness and wakefulness, seemed to adapt back nicely to normal routines.

Yep, definitely the calm before the storm.