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Thursday, April 27, 2006

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Jeni tagged me and I am meant to share six weird things about myself. What qualifies as weird? Anyway, I’ll have a go and probably embarrass myself thoroughly (which everyone knows I hate, so I can’t expose myself too much here).

1. Apparently I make very weird noises in my sleep, or at least I used to, since Mark says they stopped post-Oliver arrival (probably ’cause I don’t sleep as deeply anymore). I think many friends reading this blog will attest to these strange grunts and groans heard during sleepovers and such.

2. When I arrived in England, I had a mad mad crush on Colin Firth. Now I’ve seen him so many times in person (at movie premieres, events, etc.) I’m completely blase about the whole thing, and plus, like I have time or possibility to go to any event like that now. But yes, I was a Colin Firth stalker (practically) although most of you already know that!

3. I am a chronic saver of money. There is nothing more satisfying to me than transferring over what is left at the end of the month to my savings account. Right now, I have so much money saved away it’s crazy! (will be used to part purchase a house/car/furniture later this year, so it’s for a purpose). However, I also get a huge high from shopping, particularly for clothing. God, I love spending money on myself.

4. When I was quite little, I had a silly little thing printed in Owl magazine, which was/is a Canadian kids’ magazine that a lot of my friends and I used to read (mildy entertaining – mostly educational). I don’t even remember what they were looking for, but the thing I submitted that was meant to be clever was ‘Uptown Girl by the Downtown Boys’. Instead of Billy Joel. Funny, eh? Umm, no. But I was little.

5. I used to be really scared, even as a teenager, that someone was going to touch my feet or grab them while I was sleeping. I think it was because our house in Whitby used to give me the heebie jeebies (that’s a technical term). Our dog used to bark and follow things around the room and such when nothing was there. However, I can now do this no problem (no ghosties in anywhere I’ve lived since perhaps).

6. Whenever I dye my hair from a box (Nice & Easy or some such product), it goes red/copper/ginger coloured. Despite the fact that the box advertises the colour as some lovely shade of blonde or brown. Of course, this lovely fact about myself was forgotten until this week.

This last point leads nicely on to my newly shorn hair! Hence the photo. I had to flickr-blog it as Blogger dashboard was acting up.

Thank god it’s gone! No more long handle for Oliver to pull on, no more super long hairs falling out in giant clumps (post-pregnancy shed). It feels mighty good. Of course next week I will hate it and wish I could tie it up.

In other news, with Oliver sleeping better, I have started reading a book! A book! It’s such a luxury, I thought I was never going to be able to pick one up again! And it’s a good one: The Time Traveller’s Wife. I am really enjoying it.

Off to Mark’s dad’s villa in Spain tomorrow, south of Alicante. Hurray, hurray, it’s a happy holiday.