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Thursday, November 1, 2007
I took Hallowe’en photos on the weekend in case I wasn’t going to be around to celebrate it (sorry, not because I died, in case I was in hospital…where I’d only be feeling like death), but I was here, and I could have just taken these yesterday:(he learned the word ‘heavy’ when lugging his pumpkin around)

Oliver came home with loads of treats from daycare (of course, we didn’t send any, we are the evil cheap toddler parents), and then Mark took him to a few houses in the car. We live in a fairly sparsely populated part of our neighbourhood – everyone has very large lots, the houses are far apart and it’s generally very quiet. So we anticipated that we might not get any kids coming to the door, but I had to buy candy just in case we did. And literally – not a single knock or door bell. Now I’ve got mini chocolate bars to munch on all day, and little packs of candy to take to the hospital, whenever it is I might end up there.

I am not technically overdue yet, in a way. I was given so many different due dates that I had arbitrarily picked October 30th for myself. But my OB has November 2nd, so it’s not like anyone is pushing for an induction yet. If I am still sitting here middle of next week, then she’ll want to take some action. Truthfully, I am actually not that bothered. It’s been sort of nice to have more time at home than I thought I would. It’s more time with just Oliver, who has now reached that milestone of being 22 months older than his sibling.

And although I feel very large, I am not feeling any worse than I did a few weeks ago. And I don’t think I’ve gotten much bigger in the last few weeks. I think from the scales at my appointment yesterday, I’ve gained maybe 10 pounds this time. Which means, again, I’ve actually lost weight. And my weight has been stable for weeks now. So I can look forward to a big dip when this child actually appears…