Things you need to know about me and my blog —

  • Hi! I’m Emma!  Nice to meet you!  Make yourself at home!
  • I had this blog before I had kids (I know! Weird!!).  Anyway, that means I don’t have MOMMY/MUMMY in my blog title or in my twitter name.  And I don’t really call myself a ‘mom blogger’.  This is my little journal.  I’m here, I’ve been blogging since 2004 and online in other forms before that, because I like to write.  I need an outlet for myself, and right now, this is my place.
  • I do, however, have kids and I am a mother. So I will inevitably end up talking about those shit disturbers angelic 2 little boys I have (Oliver, born December 2005; Callum, born November 2007).
  • I don’t talk much about my own family (unless it’s unicorns and light, as they are reading this) or my job (because I do love my work so much, no REALLY, and I don’t want to lose it ever).
  • I started blogging in 2004, inspired by friends with their own blogs, and as a way to update friends and family on life as I had moved to London, England from my home in Canada. (I started here).  I lived in the UK for almost 5 years, but now I am back in Canada (since late 2006), living and working north of Toronto.
  • I don’t run ads. I have a full time job outside the house – I will leave it to other people to go forth and make money from their own similar ventures.  I am happy for them.  This is just my little space.
  • I don’t mind doing a product review because I like free stuff and I am a mom who is always having to dish out my hard earned cash on my children.  I will, however, write an honest review.  And I’ll do a giveaway if you want.  But I’ll warn you now, PR people, I don’t have a million page hits a day. Try, like, 35 on average. Okay, 45 – it’s gone up recently! And there’s no thousand on the end of that.
  • I’m not here to increase my page hits or my Google rank (I say that like I know what the hell it is, ha!).  I don’t do search engine optimization.  I’ve just always had the inclination to write (I’m not even claiming that it’s well-written – it’s just written).  Stay and read if you like.
Updated August 2009. Because if going to BlogHer taught me anything, other than swag is a simultaneously terrible and wonderful thing, it’s that I need to be clearer around here as to what is going on.  This is my attempt to clarify my space.

5 Responses to “About”

  1. Linda Pritchett Says:

    I am typing up some of the letters for the Mary Datchelor Newsletter. Have received one I think from your mum, but she hasn’t put her name so I am doing some detective work. She also has a daughter Lizi who has just gained a Fellowship at Oxford. At the end end of her note she said of her joy of her second grandson and so I Googled his name and found you the date of birth 9th Nov. 07 seems to fit. I just need her name so I can include her in next year’s Newsletter. Thank you. Love your blog!

  2. EWiller Says:

    Okay, that’s funny. That would be my mother in law. Don’t tell her about the blog!!!!!!

  3. EWiller Says:

    Oh, and please email me for her name! See my contact page.

  4. Maria Says:

    I love your boys names! I voted for both those names for our second and my husband shot me down. They’re seriously my favs.

  5. Laura Willer Says:

    Hallo Willer-girl,

    We are Willers in South Africa and seem to have roots in Poland. We have a son and daughter-in-law living in the UK. Funny her name is Grace! My son’s name is Regardt. We have another two sons and a daughter in South Africa: Bernard, Dawie and Laurette!

    We want to connect to all Willers!

    Hope to hear af you1

    Laura Willer

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